Dental Treatments

Family Dental Care

Our office provides all types of general dental treatments for our patients. We treat all ages, from young children to the elderly. Dr. K. Ashraf has a gentle touch. Anxious patients, including young children, will feel comfortable and relaxed while having their dentistry done.

Dr. Ashraf family dentistry
Have your checkup and cleaning done. We will make this an enjoyable dental experience for you. Have you had an oral cancer screening done? Our office does this routinely. All general services consist of exams, cleanings, fillings, treatment of gum disease, root canals, dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Come on in and join our Family!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Ashraf
Dr. K. Ashraf can transform your smile. Did you know that a new smile can change your life? It will improve your self-esteem and confidence. This can have a huge impact on your success in life. In office tooth whitening is a simple way to brighten your smile. We use an effective technique with little or no discomfort or sensitivities.

Or why not go all the way! You can brighten your smile and change the shape of your teeth and even make your teeth look straighter. This can be done with porcelain veneers and crowns. Dr. K. Ashraf has over 20 years of experience and has had extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. He has created many beautiful smiles in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and people travel from far away cities and countries to have their smile makeover done. We are all about beautiful smiles!

All of your old amalgam mercury fillings can be removed and replaced with a cerec porcelain inlay, onlay, or crown. These are bonded to your teeth and are durable, long lasting, and natural looking. Have your porcelain crown or filling done in one appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Ashraf
Our office uses digital x-ray technology. All smaller x-rays and full digital scan of the facial area provide us with a complete picture of your mouth as well as upper and lower jaw bone and sinus areas.

Digital means that our patients receive an extremely low dose of radiation. It is important for us that our patients receive the best standard of dental care.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Single Tooth AnesthesiaTM System
The Single Tooth Anesthesia™ System (STA System) is the latest dental advancement that our office proudly uses. Dr. K. Ashraf Dental Surgeon was the first to introduce this system to his practice in the Waterloo Region. This device replaces the old needle and syringe that many people fear or dislike.

The STA System utilizes computer controlled local anesthesia delivery to enhance the injection process for both the dentist and you, which allows you to encounter a less fearsome and painless experience. It allows you to return to your routine without prolonged numbing.

The kids love this system! Come to our dentist office and try this amazing dental freezing out!


Dr. Ashraf
Our office uses state of the art sterilization techniques. Our Sterilization Centre offers a completely automated and organized sterilization process. This all hands free system is used to reduce the risk of contamination by hand with foot operated sensors that open the doors as well as control the water and dryers. We use the hydram cleaning system which removes all of the debris from the instruments. After treatment, all soiled instruments are placed in the hydram system. All debris is automatically removed from the instruments and enzymes eat up all the protein deposits.

Instruments are individually packed in cassettes. The cassettes are wrapped and put into an autoclave oven to be sterilized. In these ovens, at 135 deg C, all of the bacteria, viruses, and spores are eliminated. The instruments are fully contained in the cassette and the cassette is only opened in front of our patients. Our Dental office always strives to ensure the safety of our patients. Come and see what our dental office can do for you.

Cerac AC

Dr. K. Ashraf dental surgeon and his team is also happy to offer you the most advanced digital CAD/CAM technology on the market.

CEREC AC is the latest generation of CEREC CAD/CAM technology. Cerec AC with Dr. Ashraf
This is powered by Blue Cam laser technology. This takes digital impressions to the highest level of precision and efficiency. Have your porcelain fillings, onlays and crowns milled while you sit in the dental chair; all in one single appointment. There are no messy impressions, temporaries and no second appointment. Porcelain is the best material of choice. It is better than amalgam mercury fillings or plastic composite fillings. Be one of many who have enjoyed this dental experience. Come to our Dentistry in Kitchener-Waterloo and try it out!
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